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We offer paint correction in McKinney, TX!

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Paint Correction in McKinney, TX

Typically, paint correction is included with exterior detailing! At McKinney Car Detailing, our paint correction services remove surface imperfections to restore the painted surfaces to their former glossy shine. We can remove fine scratches, swirl marks, buffer trails, etchings from bird droppings or acid rain, pitting, and more. Unlike some detail shops, we’ll never cut corners by hiding imperfections behind filler-based products. We’ll get to the root of the problem and resolve it fully. At McKinney Auto Detail, we treat our customers like family. 

Fortunately, our technicians are trained in professional paint correction. They’ve got a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to paint correction. The good news is, few of them require applying a whole new coat. We can use abrasive polishes, clay bars, and polishing compounds to treat the paint without creating further problems.

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Paint Correction Services

Before correcting your car’s paint, we’ll give it a full wash and cleaning to remove loose dirt and debris. Generally, our paint correction services are included in every clay bar treatment. As stated on the exterior detailing page, clay bars safely remove bonded surface contaminants without risking any damage to your car’s surfaces. Essentially, clay bars work exfoliates the paint of your car.

Removing bonded contaminants leaves behind a smooth surface that’s ready for polishing. Depending on the situation, our technicians can complete the polishing process by hand or use specialized machines to treat larger areas. Full paint correction often involves multiple stages and grades of polish, so expect this step to take a while. Although paint correction doesn’t include headlight restoration, we restore headlights too. 

If there are deeply inset scratches or other surface imperfections, we may not be able to remove them safely without risking damage to your clear coat or paint. Even then, though, we can minimize their appearance using polish compounds to round off the edges and make deep scratches almost invisible. The end result will be the same: your car will look as spotless as it did the day you drove it home. Although we typically work on cars, we perform paint correction on boats too!