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Headlight Restoration in McKinney, TX

Have you noticed that your headlights aren’t providing as much illumination when you’re behind the wheel at night? If it’s been a while since you had them cleaned and restored, it probably has nothing to do with your bulbs. A combination of road grime, dust, and chemicals can create minute scratches and fog up the lenses, leaving you struggling to drive safely after dark in McKinney TX.

The most obvious sign it’s time for headlight restoration arises when you can’t see well enough at night to drive safely, but you don’t have to let things get to that point. Take a look at your headlights during the day. If they look hazy, cloudy, or yellowed, headlight restoration can help. If there are visible cracks or scratches, don’t put off headlight restoration. Leaving those scratches untreated can cause permanent damage. McKinney Car Detailing provides a mobile car detailing service in McKinney TX! We’d love to restore your headlights. 

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Headlight Restoration Services

The good news is, you don’t need to go out and replace the headlight assemblies. Instead, trust us to restore and polish your car’s existing headlights. We can resurface the lenses and apply a new glazing system to prevent fogging and discoloration caused by oxidation and minor scratches in the future. Whether you drive a classic car or a current-model-year SUV, we’ll have the right products on hand to safely and effectively restore your headlights for far less than it would cost to have them replaced. For some cars, that means applying a hard clear coat. For others, it means using soft acrylic. You don’t have to worry about those details, though, because our technicians can easily identify the right products for every job. At McKinney Car Detailing, our headlight restoration services may be included in our exterior detailing packages at an additional cost.