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Exterior Car Detailing

Exterior car detailing is more than a car wash! At McKinney Car Detailing, exterior detailing entails cleaning the outside of your vehicle. Typically, we strive to keep your car looking like it just came off the showroom floor. In McKinney TX, we use specialized tools and techniques to make sure we perform a professional job. At McKinney Car Detail, we make sure that every inch of your car looks new and shiny. Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a commuter who takes pride in your vehicle, we’ve got an exterior detailing package that’s right for you!

Generally, we begin our mobile car details with a wheel cleaning. Although some drivers treat car detailing as an afterthought, but we know that wheels are prone to collecting dirt, dust, and road debris. First, we acid-wash the wheels to bring out that like-new shine! Second, we degrease your tires and scrub them thoroughly to remove every bit of dirt and dust. After our cleaning, your wheels won’t prematurely wear out. 

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Exterior Auto Detailing in McKinney, TX

After cleaning the wheels, we focus on the trim. We’ll wash and scrub all trim, molding, badges, and any other plastic components on your car’s exterior to make sure no detail gets missed. Although we provide professional car detailing, we go above and beyond to offer exceptional service to our clients. If we’re working on your vehicle, then we won’t stop cleaning before every surface is shiny. After we complete our basic wash, we use clay bars to remove contamination in the paint. Typically, clay bars leave the paint perfectly clean without many imperfections. If you’re searching for an exterior detail in McKinney, then McKinney Car Detailing is the company for you. After our clay bar treatment, the paint will have a glass-like finish! Although exterior detailing services have many aspects, we always finish with a fine polish and wax (depending on the package). We polish vehicles to remove hazing, marring, swirls, and hairline scratches. After polishing, we wax the vehicle to seal the coat of paint. Fortunately, this step protects the car’s paint from further damage helping the paint stay fresh. If you’re interested in our McKinney Car Detailing services, then you should inquire about our car wash packages! At an additional cost, we restore headlights too.