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Car Wash in McKinney, TX

At McKinney Car Detailing, our clients don’t pay for exterior detailing services you don’t need. If you’ve just detailed your car, but the weather or road conditions have left it looking less than its best, a hand wash may be all that’s required to restore that showroom shine until the next full detail at McKinney Car Detailing.

If you’ve ever washed your car by hand, then you know that washing cars is a hassle. Honestly, it is tough to remove all the dirt form the vehicle without leaving streaks or watermarks on the car. Thankfully, our dedicated employees are trained to provide professional washing services. We use high-quality, specialized cleaning products from Meguiar’s to remove every bit of dirt and grime from your car’s exterior before going back to address any problem spots. We use only the best cleaning chemicals and microfiber cloths to maintain your car’s glossy shine and keep surfaces safe from scratches and wear.


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Once your car is completely clean, we’ll rinse off every bit of the cleaning chemicals and hand dry it to avoid streaks. Since tires and wheels tend to be problem areas, we’ll also wet shine the tires and carefully remove potentially corrosive road dust and debris. Although we provide professional car wash services, we recommend our exterior detailing packages. Typically, our customers schedule interior detailing for the same day, while others prefer to divide up the work so that they don’t have to spend as much time waiting for their cars to be cleaned. If you’re looking for stain removal, then we’ll need at least a few hours to complete the detailing!